Cupuacu Butter is so good !

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I'm obsessed with Cupuacu butter!

Cupuacu is my favorite fruit of my childhood. There are so many ways to cook with this fruit. My ultimate favorite is Ice cream of cupuacu I recall running the streets of the City of Manaus after the ice cream truck to buy this delicious ice cream. Wow ! So many great memories. Anyways let's go and talk about where the butter comes from and why it has a special place in my heart!

Cupuacu butter is originated from a fruit from the Amazon forest in Brazil. Its used to make amazing desserts and foods. However, now its transformed as a butter from its fleshy and seeds in which can now be used in beauty products. The amount of healthy fats is what makes it so moisturizing to the skin and when it melts it allows for a quick absorption on the skin. Below is some of its benefits:

  • seal in moisture to rehydrate your skin
  • decreases sign of aging and fine lines 
  • its high antioxidant content may protect your skin from harmful compounds
  • improve the elasticity and firmness of your skin
  • Nourishes extremely dry, flaky or cracked skin 

Therefore, Cupuacu Butter is slowly making its debut here in the North Americas.

Please keep in mind my products are used to heal or treat any diseases. Please contact your primary doctor for further questions.