About Andiroba Oil and why I use it in my soap.

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  Today I will be talking about a little bit of our Amazonian blend and the reason why I choose the Andiroba oil as one of my favorite ingredients but first let explain to you how amazing this oil is for you body.

  Andiroba oil came from the Amazon forest and one of the super fruits of the Amazon, Andiroba oil (also known as crab oil) is highly beneficial as a natural ingredient for skin and hair care products and treatments. Its oil, bark, and leaves have been used for centuries in Brazil and other countries of the Amazon, mostly for medicinal purposes. However, Andiroba oil is now used in natural hair and skincare products for many reasons. One of the reasons why I chose the Andiroba oil is because I was able to use it in my young age while I lived in the City of Manaus in the Amazonia state of Brazil. Below I'm going to state some of its benefits of this beautiful oil:

Andiroba oil nutrients: 

  • Andirobin
  • Vitamins A, C, and E
  • Linoleic, palmitic, oleic, and stearic acids
  • Fatty Acids

 Andiroba oil is also very rich with antioxidants, to help neutralize and remove free radicals from the bloodstream, while preventing the premature aging of the skin, and skin cancers. Below you can see the reason this oil is so beneficial to your skin,

  •  Excellent for Healing Skin Conditions

  • Helps Reduce the Appearance of Fine Lines

  • Builds Stronger Collagen

  •  Aches with Inflammatory Properties

  • a Natural Insect Repellent, Effective Without Any Added Chemicals

The Anti-Inflammatory benefits for me is the main reason why I chose this oil. When I was growing up I learned that andiroba oil has the best anti-inflammatory property from all the Amazonian oils. 

I suffer a lot from face and body acnes and I use this oil to help me reduce the amount of blemishes/ white heads and black heads on my skin. 

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But keep in mind my products are not used to heal any conditions or diseases. If you have any questions please contact your primary doctor.